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21 de mayo de 2024


To help move some of the observations out of Genus level (we have 4,293 out of 37,566 observations - so 11%) we have a few complexes to act as holding bins.
(a complex on iNat is defined as a group of species that cannot easily be told apart by photos because they are so similar. In Oxalis, this often means that bulbs are required for further identification)

These are:

Complex Oxalis bowiei Midlands Sorrel Complex (new 165)

  • Oxalis anthelmintica 1
  • Oxalis bowiei Midland Sorrel 235
  • Oxalis semiloba Common Sorrel 52
  • Oxalis sp nov ?

Complex Oxalis depressa-pocockiae Depcock Sorrels 758

  • Oxalis depressa Early Sorrel 604
  • Oxalis pocockiae Coconut Sorrel 124

Complex Oxalis eckloniana-nidulans Bulbil and Bulb Sorrels 775

  • Oxalis eckloniana Pink Sorrel 326
  • Oxalis nidulans Bulbil Sorrel 20

Complex Oxalis multicaulis-recticaulis-versicolor Multi-rectiverse Sorrels 608

  • Oxalis multicaulis Multistem Sorrel 152
  • Oxalis recticaulis Straight Sorrel 35
  • Oxalis versicolor Candycane Sorrel 396

Complex Oxalis pardales Streakyleaf Sorrels 347

  • Oxalis camelopardalis 4
  • Oxalis capillacea Hairleaf Sorrel 72
  • Oxalis confertifolia Dense Sorrel 57
  • Oxalis grammophylla 14
  • Oxalis heidelbergensis 0
  • Oxalis leptogramma Willowy Sorrel 49
  • Oxalis lineolata 3
  • Oxalis massoniana Nieuwoudtville Sorrel 35
  • Oxalis melanograpta 6
  • Oxalis pardalis 1
  • Oxalis robinsonii 4

Which other groups might benefit from a complex?

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Petalomaniacs & Smuts & Polymorphism

Oxalis has some interesting peculiarities.
For fun we feature them here. Petalomaniacs and Polymorphisms and Smuts


Doubles turn up every now and then. Most are complete and feature the petals, but occasionally plants do half a job.
If you see any Oxalis with multiple copies of the petals, Please add the entry "Petalomaniac" to the [Oxalis features] observation field.
See examples here:

Partial petalomaniac here: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/211454993


Some species and populations have different colour morphs. In populations with different colours, please estimate or record the ratios and add it to the Colour Polymorphism project. (https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/colour-polymorphism-in-the-cape-flora)
See examples here:

Sorrel Smut Thecaphora capensis

Sorrel Smut is a fungus that attacks the anthers, rendering the plant pollen sterile. This is essentially a plant Sexually Transmitted Disease that replaces the plant pollen with its fungal spores.
It can easily be seen by creating a "dark" tube to the flower. Careful inspection can also reveal the pollen dust on the petals. Watch out for it please, and if seen, please remember to duplicate the observation to record the fungus, and to add the interaction.
Originally thought to only infect one Oxalis species, we now know it from many more.

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23 de mayo de 2024

New Sorrel Species and data.

As in many of our families, the Oxalidaceae in southern Africa have several undescribed species. The number is usually unknown because some turn out to be subspecies or varieties, and others odd forms of described species.

However, getting help with collecting, mapping and understanding undescribed species requires some tag to communicate these taxa amongst ourselves.
The projects on iNaturalist are:

Range extensions

These are usually documented via the project

See them here using the field filter: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?place_id=any&taxon_id=47758&verifiable=any&field:Range%20extension%20documentation=

These are the species documented with range extensions using the field.

Undescribed Species

These are usually documented via the project

These are the observations of undescribed species documented with the undescribed species field.

The following field or MS names are in use (these names may be refined over time):
Oxalis sudaensis 4
Oxalis prettyheart 2

1 observation only:
Oxalis cf canaliculata
Oxalis cf cuneata helme
Oxalis glaucous crocea MS
Oxalis grammatopetala

Oxalis lateriflora
Oxalis odorata
Oxalis sp nov Klawer
Oxalis sp10 cf canaliculata is this different from Oxalis cf canaliculata?
Oxalis steinkopf

Oxalis truncatula brian
Oxalis unifoliolate amblyosepala

Note: the observations retain their fields and names, even after having been described, for statistical purposes.
So those identified as "Oxalis" are usually still undescribed, but those with species names have been described and identified.

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