There is no way to thank you!

Hi everyone. There is no way to thank all of you properly, but THANK YOU for keeping our BioBlitz going through your time and dedication.

Typically, many of us from the Agency participate in this event; just in the last 10 days however, three of our team members have each experienced a death in their family and it has completely changed our operation as our small team has covered for each of us while we handle our individual family's needs to include travel and time off.

It was WONDERFUL to log-in today and see the number of observations as of this afternoon (1,259) which completely eclipses last year's 877 observations. We are flabbergasted and really proud and thankful to all of you. With one day left, we hope you all finish strong and visit any of the 11 parks in the Blitz that you haven't been to yet.

I will be on travel tomorrow--the last day of the BioBlitz--for a funeral, but wanted to say THANK YOU! You can watch the results of other BioBlitz events by visiting this link:

Our BioBlitz, at least it was last year, was included in the Northeast Region. It could be in the Mid-Atlantic this year; we haven't determined that yet. We could be in the running for a Scott's Miracle Grow Prize Package which will help us build our new Pollinator Garden at Whitehall Road Regional Park.


Pam Salokangas (islandella), CPRP, CPSI
Centre Region Parks and Recreation

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