May 21, 2018

Species identified by DNA Analysis

The Conservation Scats Project, conducted by a team at the University of California, Santa Cruz presented a rare opportunity to identify scats by DNA analysis. See the following link for more information about the project:

Over 300 scat samples were collected and analyzed for DNA content of both predator and prey. I created the following project on iNaturalist for the samples I collected and had photos for:

Results of the study were published in Oikos - Synthesizing Ecology in January 2018:

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There have been requests to add our southern African data to this project, but we dont have any DNA data.

Our southern African observations (without DNA) can be found at

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@tonyrebelo, most of the sightings in this Scatology project don't have DNA analysis. I was just lucky enough to be a volunteer for a project at the Univ. of Santa Cruz, CA that did DNA analysis on carnivore scats.

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