18 de septiembre de 2023


This project is for you to upload images and sightings of organisms you observe and document on the SCI1185 Ecology Field Trip. please follow the general INaturalist guidelines, and make sure to upload good quality images that are in focus. Do not upload any ‘fun’ pics, as these are not part of the function of iNaturalist.

For plants, you will need at least three images - one of the whole plant, one of a flower close up taken from ‘front’ view and another from the side. Close ups of leaves can also be useful. If there are fruits present then take one of these as well. For eucalyptus, images that have buds, flowers, fruits, leaves and the bark along the main trunk are useful - make sure to check whether there is different bark at the base of the tree/mallee from that on the branches.
Note that photos do not replace the need for you to make a physical field herbarium as instructed in your fieldwork manual.

See you out there!


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