The Nepheles (Sphingidae).

Photo credits: N. accentifera @rodswazi / @seanakruger / inset @bartwursten | N. peneus @wynand_uys / @qgrobler | N. vau @roelofvdb / @suncana | N. argentifera @meagan37 / @mexel | N. comma @scottfrichardson / @bartwursten / @bartwursten / @martinmandak | N. aequivalens @martinmandak | N. cf. rosae/oenopion @bartwursten | N. bipartita @bartwursten | N. funebris @ricky_taylor

The insets of the silver markings are all from the left forewing.


  • N. lannini apparently occurs in Moz. Looks pretty similar to N. funebris.
  • N. rosae and N. oenopion on Afromoths look so similar to me that I can't tell the difference. We have only one ob on iNat so far (ID'd as rosae), so I have no comparisons to work with.
  • All my images here need to be confirmed - please don't take this cheat sheet as gospel. If you have any suggestions for ID tips or corrections, please let me know!!
  • Nepheles usually have green and brown forms. Some, especially comma often don't have the silver marking on the wing, or just a silver dot.

Thank you to the photographers!

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Amazing, thank you!

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Great job!

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