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25 de septiembre de 2023

Fall is here!

Well alright then.... Fall has arrived and I'm looking forward to cooler weather arriving soon. I'm gauging interest in a group rendezvous at the WAT in November. Thoughts?


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12 de junio de 2023

Oh, so close....

Howdy to the WAT Project Members,
I made it to the farm last week for a few days of maintenance and I had hoped to make to the WAT. The weather had other plans! The access road was a mess and once I got to the barn there was no leaving.

I've posted a few wildflower and insect observations from the work week. Stay tuned for any upcoming trips to WAT.

Take care,

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05 de junio de 2023


Welcome to the Wild Azalea Trail Project and thanks for joining!

Stay tuned for updates and events. Please feel free to post and enrich our community with your insights, comments and suggestions.

All the best,

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