Hi everyone!

Just wanted to introduce myself and our project. My name is Anthony Colangelo and I am the Communications and Engagement Manager at Pollinator Partnership Canada, a non-profit organization dedicated to the health of bees and pollinators.

This iNaturalist community science project is a part of our Habitat Stewardship Program grant we received which will run this summer and next. Our project goal is to learn more about the flowers bumble bees and other pollinators are visiting for pollen and nectar in the north. By understanding what flowers they are visiting we can help with future gardening and conservation efforts around Yellowknife!

Thank you so much for joining and contributing to our observations, your help is greatly appreciated. I'm really looking forward to seeing all the bumble bee and pollinator pictures over the rest of the summer! :)


Publicado el julio 14, 2022 08:32 TARDE por anthcolangelo anthcolangelo


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