Thanks for participating in the June 2022 Biodiversity Challenge!

Hi all;
I hope you enjoyed participating in the Biodiversity Challenge. The unofficial results for western Canada and Alaska are as follows:
British Columbia: 15830 observations, 2805 species, 1680 observers.
Alberta: 7385 observations, 1447 species, 624 observers
Saskatchewan: 1969 observations, 659 species, 181 observers
Manitoba: 2362 observations, 639 species, 110 observers
Alaska: 1799 observations, 661 species, 272 observers
Yukon Territory: 322 observations, 171 species, 52 observers
Northwest Territories: 63 observations, 52 species, 19 observers
overall total: 29730 observations, 4135 species, 2913 observers
That is a lot of people appreciating nature over 4 days, and a lot of valuable observations. I'll send out a note with the final species counts, after 6 more weeks of identifications. We'll keep track of these results, and see if more people get involved in future years. Additionally the data will be on iNaturalist permanently, where it will help scientists to track changing species distributions and do other research. Our underlying goals are to get more people engaged with nature, and to generate useful data while they're at it.
Also note that we're planning a fall bioblitz in September 2022, and hope to coordinate similar spring, summer and fall bioblitzes every year.
A number of cities and municipalities organized more localized projects, as well as a friendly competition to see which municipality could get the highest participation rate and number of observations and species. Participating municipalities included forest districts in BC, and major cities in AB, SK, and MB (as well as many counties in nwUSA). Not all of these projects have a local coordinator; if you would like to administer a local bioblitz in your area next year, please get in touch with me.
Greg Pohl
volunteer bioblitz coordinator

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Hi there, we met yesterday at Beringia Centre. I never even heard of this more general bioblitz. Is there a website for this year's one which you're headed to today?

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