Taxonomy details for Crustaceans (Subphylum Crustacea)

Relationship: Deviation

Natusfera World Register of Marine Species
Subphylum Crustacea (parent: Phylum Arthropoda) Many-to-many Subphylum Crustacea (parent: Phylum Arthropoda)
Subphylum Hexapoda (parent: Phylum Arthropoda) Superclass Allotriocarida (parent: Subphylum Crustacea)
Class Insecta (parent: Subphylum Hexapoda) Class Hexapoda (parent: Superclass Allotriocarida)
Subclass Pterygota (parent: Class Insecta) Subclass Insecta (parent: Class Hexapoda)
Order Embioptera (parent: Subclass Pterygota) Infraclass Apterygota (parent: Subclass Insecta)
Infraclass Pterygota (parent: Subclass Insecta)
Order Embiodea (parent: Subclass Insecta)

WoRMs considers Hexapoda/Insects to be Crustaceans within the Allotriocarida. We're continuing to treat Hexapoda and Crustacea as sister Subphyla

Downstream deviations for Hexapoda 3

Downstream deviations for Pterygota 1

Downstream deviations for Insecta 2

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