iNaturalist for iOS version 2.7.6 released

Hi folks,

I released 2.7.6 of iNaturalist for iOS yesterday. What's new that you'll see in the app:

  • We should now display the taxon names for observations on the Me tab in your device's language, if the names are available
  • Lots of translation updates
  • Updates to login screen which hopefully help people find the "already have an account button" (#424)
  • New tab bar icons (#418)
  • You can now copy taxon names from the taxon details screen, either by tapping on the taxon name or by the new share button (#389)
  • If you've been suspended from iNat, first of all shame on you 😉 but second of all the app will at least tell you (#420)
  • Fixed location of the dots on the intro slideshow on iPad (#421)

Some under the hood things that are new in this release:

  • Upgraded to the latest facebook SDK for login, if you're into that kind of thing.
  • Switched the way we determine network reachability (in and out of service range, offline/offline, etc) to use a newer framework.
  • Switched to using the iNaturalist Node API for marking updates as seen, agreeing to IDs, and making IDs

As always, please let us know if you run into any problems, preferably by emailing or posting on our Google Group.


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