New Translations for iOS!

On April 26th, 2018 we released version 2.7.7 of the iNaturalist iOS app. The main change in this version is four new translations: Czech, Danish, German and Turkish. Thank you to the iNat volunteer translators!

Our mobile translations are done on a platform called CrowdIn. If you find a mistranslation, or if you are bilingual and want to help make iNat work in a language that we don’t support yet, please join our translation effort here: iNaturalist Mobile on CrowdIn.

In other iOS news, iNaturalist was App of the Day on the iOS App Store last week. Apple wrote a nice story on how iNat works and also made a delightful animated illustration to accompany the story. We got a nice bump in new users from it, just in time for City Nature Challenge.

As usual, if you find anything wrong with the iOS app, please let me know here or in our Google Group.

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