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I've been personally interested in digital and generative art for a long time. In art school I did a bunch of work in Processing, and I've also done generative art in p5js and swift. Lately I've been getting into data visualization, just for fun. For the most part I've just goofing around with d3.

I've always liked the contributions visualization on the GitHub profile page, and I thought it'd be fun to try to re-create this in d3, but visualizing iNat observations instead of GitHub checkins. So this weekend I whipped something up in d3, just for fun.

Here's what my activity chart for 2022 looks like. Pretty grim, I've been a bad naturalist this year.

Let's see what some of my co-workers have been up to.

Here's @tiwane:

Here's our fearless leader, @kueda:

And here's @sambiology, making us look like slackers:

Well, at least @carrieseltzer from the iNat team has been super consistent:

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Hahaha!!! I see GREEN! :)
Also, that d3 is a cool site. Just found this fun map showing openings of Walmarts. Dallas/Fort Worth has a bunch.
Hope you're well, Alex!!!

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I love it, Alex!

I just wish you'd made this on Thursday, before I broke my nearly 2 year streak on Friday.

Turns out that all I photographed on Friday was my own laptop screen for Seek testing and two negative covid tests. Didn't realize until after midnight. So sad.

I got back on though and will post observations from yesterday & today. Sigh.

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Oh no Carrie, I'm so sorry! 😔

Publicado por alexshepard hace más de 1 año

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