Backlog Progress

In an effort to show my progress on my titanic photo backlog I am going to start documenting my progress here! My current goal is to attempt to finish my Peruvian backlog from 2019 before the year ends. Currently I am working on December 17th 2019. The rainforest backlog should continue somewhere into the later half of the month before switching to things seen in Cuzco. I have already uploaded some of the stuff from then on so it should be a simple job to finish it from there on! Once finished I will likely go back to working on backlog from my Texas trip earlier this year or I will upload whatever I got on the trip I am about to go on to Arizona! Here is a recent highlight from the uploads an Ophiocordyceps to species!

Publicado el diciembre 20, 2022 03:46 MAÑANA por blazeclaw blazeclaw


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