Hello everybody! I am making a bird book about birds in Connecticut. I need some photos, so if anybody wants to share photos please message me!

Posted on 19 de diciembre de 2018 by bluejay2007 bluejay2007


@thatkazakhbirder I will message you

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I could help with photos of some of the few species that overlap between the two continents, eg. mallards and house sparrows. and the couple of species I got good photos of in Canada last year (without a telephoto lens) for example red-winged blackbirds, female/eclypse plumage mallards, and ring-billed gulls...

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@alexis_orion You could email them to me

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I'll have a look later if I can find any good ones, and then I can message you the links for the observations and you can decide which ones you want.

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