Spanish sites with NO butterflies

Together with other colleagues I started to prepare the materials for a distribution atlas of the butterflies of Spain. After some preliminary assessment, we found that large parts of the area remain poorly studied. Moreover, ca. 10% of the territory lacks any observations of butterflies.

I am interested to see what would be the effect of 'advertising' the position of those unexplored spots, and would like to test the power of platforms such as iNaturalist to fill the gaps.

By sure, one part of the places that have never been visited are far from attractive. The kind of site you would never select to spot butterflies. Others are not so bad, however.

Anyone interested may retrieve the basic information from the links below. We are using the MGRS grid as the reference (10 x 10 km cells); the GoogleEarth and Google Maps files below would take you to the centre of the 'void' squares, so any observation within 5 km from such points would be OK.

General - descriptive map:

GoogleEarth KMZ (you may need to download the file to process it with GoogleWEarth):

To open with Google Maps:

Do not hesitate to give any comments!

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