First Hike-Hopkins State Marine Reserve-Monterey Bay

My first hike was seacliffs in Monterey Bay. The weather was in the 60s and sunny. I started my hike by going towards Hopkins State Marine Reserve and walked the trail alongside it which goes through Andy Jacobson Park (most of my findings were there) and Berwick Park. My goal was to make it to lovers point for some tide pooling, however the tide is only starting to get low and the swell was actually higher than expected. The name of the trail I walked specifically is called the Monterey Bay Coastal trail (this eventually connects to the Monterey Peninsula Recreational trail which would lead to Lover's point). There were many harbor seals by the reserve laying out in the sun. There was not as much drift algae as expected when I hit Berwick park but there was plenty of dead California mussel shells washed up on the shore.

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