Millerton Creek Return BioBlitz

So, headed out to another BioBlitz this weekend. Millerton Creek up by Pt. Reyes Station is having a repeat blitz. Looks like interesting habitat, and I am missing a few easy migrant species from my Marin county list. Below is the url for the project, with registration information.

If you want to carpool with me, we'll need to be leaving from central San Mateo county ca. 5:30 am, in order to get some early birding in. Both Leslie and I have some late afternoon obligations, so we'll need to leave around 1:00. I have room for myself, Leslie and two more. Hope to see lots of you!

@kestrel & @rebeccafay let's talk about where the birding will be best for the early AM!

@leslie_flint , @wildmarin , @sea-kangaroo , @robberfly , @finatic , @aaron17 , @eddiebug


P.S. I just took a look at my Marin county missing list, and some of the birds I am missing are truly astonishing.
Ash-throated Flycatcher
Bullock’s Oriole
California Thrasher
Hooded Oriole
Lark Sparrow
Lazuli Bunting
MacGillivray’s Warbler
Nashville Warbler
Northern Pygmy-Owl
Pileated Woodpecker
Red Crossbill
Rufous Hummingbird
Short-billed Dowitcher
Spotted Owl
White-breasted Nuthatch
White-throated Sparrow
Yellow-breasted Chat

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I wanna go. Why does it have to be so far away. Why do I have to sit in an office on Friday instead of driving north. Why? Why? Why?

Publicado por finatic hace alrededor de 8 años

Especially since I could have brought you along as a surprise ringer on my all-day Big Day the next day in Santa Clara county, with the Rock Wrens team, that generally pulls down 140-150 species!

Publicado por gyrrlfalcon hace alrededor de 8 años

Now it hurts even more.

Publicado por finatic hace alrededor de 8 años

Hey gang - look at last year's Millerton results. We have some work to do to add all the birds!

Publicado por gyrrlfalcon hace alrededor de 8 años

Next time. I'm doing an insect bioblitz in Oakland.

Publicado por eddiedunbar hace alrededor de 8 años

Oh! Now I am torn! But I committed to this blitz, and really do need to work on my Marin bird list, as you can see. Next time, Eddie!

Publicado por gyrrlfalcon hace alrededor de 8 años

Unless I hear from others on this list, my car tomorrow will contain just me and @leslie_flint ...

Publicado por gyrrlfalcon hace alrededor de 8 años

Your bird list shows a lot of loyalty to the coastal vagrant traps. Time to visit some oak woodlands.

Publicado por vermfly hace casi 8 años

Precisely! I did clear a few of those missing birds at the bio-Blitz!

Publicado por gyrrlfalcon hace casi 8 años

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