One Hundred Observations

I hit one hundred observations today, which seems like something of a milestone even though it is one hundred observations, not one hundred correct ID's. I am often wrong, especially when it comes to fungi, and on dragonflies and butterflies I have no idea. When my kids go to outdoors places with me, and I start pulling out the phone, I may or may not sometimes get comments like "MOM! we're here to HIKE, not take pictures for your iNat page!'. Which is, when you think about it, somewhat funny from two adolescents who can't apparently go anywhere without an iPad.

However, I have noticed that I am seeing more "stuff" when I hit the trails. It could just be that it's spring/early summer, and there is a lot of "stuff" to see. However, I also think that quite a bit of what I am seeing was always there, and I'm starting to get better at seeing it. Which is, I think, quite cool.

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So cool - congrats on 100!!! I can relate to seeing more "stuff." Looking forward to more of your observations 🍄

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Magnificent! :)

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