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I think this is an incredibly cool observation, but I can't get a picture to back it up with my iPhone (well, I did get a picture, but it's not very good). For the last three weeks, I've been waking up early and hiking on a favorite trail, using the spot where it is temporarily flooded out as a stopping/water break /breathe and enjoy the great outdoors point. The first time I was there, I was just sitting and all of a sudden, a beaver head popped up and swam for a few feet, then he dove back down into the water. I hung out for awhile to see if he would make a reappareance, but he didn't. That was the day I also saw three cottonmouth snakes in the vicinity.

The second week- a repeat of the first. Sat for a few minutes, looked over, saw beaver. No cottonmouth snakes this time, although I am sure they are there.

Yesterday, I went out there again- school starts Monday and I needed some nature time before dealing with that chaos- and I saw the beaver not once, but three times. He would appear right before me (when I made my one attempt at photographic documentation)- then a few minutes later, he'd reappear over to the right, swimming in the open- then I'd hear a splash and catch sight of him again over to the left, hidden by some trees. I'm told it is unusual for them to be so active during the day, so I feel honored that he's gracing my water break with his presence.

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Awesome! :)

Publicado por sambiology hace casi 9 años

Lovely! You can still make that an observation even without a photo :-)

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