Berry Springs Preserve TAW report, 19Dec2015

On December 19, 2015, seven people came out to Berry Springs Preserve to listen for frogs and toads. It was a relatively warm night (air temperature in the mid-50s F), and a couple of Rio Grande Leopard Frogs in the pond (water temperature = 64 deg F) did a sound check on each other (CI = 1). No photos or recordings were obtained.

In 2015, thirty participants contributed 75.0 hours of volunteer time at Berry Springs Preserve, with 2,080.6 roundtrip miles and 54.4 roundtrip hours. WOW !! We observed six amphibian species – Rio Grande Leopard Frog, Northern Cricket Frog, Gulf Coast Toad, Green Treefrog, Great Plains Narrowmouth Toad, and Bullfrog. In spite of the “flash drought” we had this summer, all of the rain that we received in the spring and fall made it a good year to be an amphibian in central Texas. Great Horned Owl (Jan, Feb, Mar, and Apr), Barred Owl (Aug), and Common Nighthawk (May, June, and July) were also heard at Berry Springs Preserve this past year.

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