going south!

To anyone reading, I'll be making my way from Jonesborough, TN to Gainesville, FL 9/21 to 9/27. I'm hoping to find some salamanders, eat some BBQ, and maybe spread the word about iNat, so

1) Any tips on good salamander sites in southern Appalachia, preferably near car camping sites?

2) Anyone in the area want me to give a short talk about iNat?

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It's probably a bit out of your way, but I saw a lot of salamanders without trying when I was camping in the Smokies in early August a few years ago. Chimney Tops trail and the Cataloochee area were great, and I camped at Cataloochee and either Cosby or Big Creek, which had nice streamside sites. Cataloochee's on the eastern side of the park so it's about an hour from Asheville.

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If you see any Platycryptus undatus or Menemerus bivittatus in that area, please grab them for me. There's an anomalous CO1 sequence for Platycryptus undatus in BOLD that has to either be a new cryptic species or a misidentified Menemerus bivittatus. Unfortunately, there are no M. bivittatus sequences on BOLD so it's impossible to rule out it being a misidentification.

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Thanks sk, and I'll keep an eye out for jumpers, Kaldari. Might want to talk to this person too: http://www.inaturalist.org/observations/860644

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