1,000 Observations

Wow, what fun! 1,000 observations of nature and I’ve loved every single one. I’ve found that through using iNaturalist has brought me so much closer to the natural world… and I have learnt so many more species through interacting with the community!

It is interesting, that a simple observation can be done so differently by different people too. Let me explain...

I love Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo's (Zanda funerus), and will always grab a photo where I can. As I’m taking the photo, I will try get a photo of each individual (say there are 5) and upload each one as a single ‘observation’ - then each one can be assigned it’s own data. I'm an undergraduate biologist, and individual organisms makes statistics much easier so I upload in that style. While others I’ve noticed might take one photo of a group.
If there is anyone reading this, I wonder, do you observe individuals, or groups of species?

Here's to a thousand more observations of our incredible natural world!

Publicado el noviembre 9, 2022 07:55 MAÑANA por lucaslennon lucaslennon


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