Notoxinae (Personal notes) (WIP)

Disclaimer: All of the information here should not yet be taken as credible and is subject to change. As I am researching this taxon I am adapting and changing this document to reflect the current research and taxonomy. Sentences or phrases marked with question marks are aspects that I am specifically looking to confirm (or refute), but that does not mean that they are necessarily incorrect or that sentences and phrases that are not marked with question marks are the current consensus. The citations currently present are also subject to change, as there may be an eventual shift to paragraphs rather than simply note taking. Basically to summarize every part of this journal post is tentative.

General Info:
Common names: Monocerus beetles

[Family Anthicidae]
Subfamily - Notoxinae
-Genus Hypaspistes
-Genus Leptoprion
-Genus Mecynotarsus
-Genus Notoxus
-Genus Plesionotoxus
-Genus Pseudonotoxus
-Genus Squamanotoxus


Chandler, Donald S. “A New Genus of Notoxini Based on the Elegans and Schenklingi Groups of Mecynotarsus (Coleoptera: Anthicidae).” Transactions of the American Entomological Society (1890-), vol. 127, no. 4, 2001, pp. 473–94. JSTOR,

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