First Evening of California Wild Women's Challenge

I took a brief walk around the block in my residential neighborhood looking for insects a little after 9 PM when the challenge officially started. What a disappointing experience! First, I did not find a single moth under any light. Second, there were so many people out walking about that it made me very self conscious. I'm sure people thought I was casing the neighborhood since I had a flashlight and was looking around buildings. Not an ideal situation. One woman definitely gave me the eye when I was crouching down to photograph my one find.... a large family of cockroaches. Not something I was too excited to see. Not only that...they aren't even native cockroaches!

Publicado el agosto 3, 2020 04:54 MAÑANA por naturephotosuze naturephotosuze


After all that effort and strange looks, I'm glad you found something. I wasn't so fortunate, nothing to show for my little stroll around :(

Publicado por scubabruin hace casi 4 años

But you were the first on our team to post! I had some luck with spiders around my yard. But only one casebarer moth larva for me. Where are all the moths?

Publicado por kimssight hace casi 4 años

I really think people are using too many pesticides and its decimating our insects. I had good luck with moths in southeast’s a biodiversity hotspot.

Publicado por naturephotosuze hace casi 4 años

You’re really rocking probably have a house and yard...I’m in a condo...a lot more difficult to do the bug thing without a yard. You’re getting us off to a great start!

Publicado por naturephotosuze hace casi 4 años

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