Lakefront finds

2 days of photographing along the lakefront has the total up to 66, including 22 plants, 19 fungi (perhaps more -- many of them just go in as fungi sp.), 19 birds, 3 insects, 2 mammals, and one mollusk. None of these have been surprises, although I think one of the lichens is a new one for me. Still missing a few obvious things, though -- I haven't had a deer or either squirrel pose for photos, yet! And ducks have been surprisingly difficult to find so far -- I'll have to find the time to visit Independence Grove this weekend.

Three things seem odd, or at least out of season -- I've had a beetle, a fly, and a plant actually in flower. I've seen these blow flies by our garage on warm, sunny winter days before, so I guess it's not out of the question. And the flowers come from American Hazelnut, which apparently normally flowers this time of year. I have to wonder what pollinates it.

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