How to use iNaturalist -- youtube videos

So, every now and then, I love to see the videos about iNaturalist on youtube or vimeo. First of all, the iNat folks (@tiwane) has made some really good ones:

As I was checking today, @cmeckerman did some EXCELLENT how-to vids on using iNaturalist -- from the app to the website and the grading process. Awesome.

@carrieseltzer did another really good presentation to the Ecological Society of America that highlights some of the research too:

@joemdo did a cool one on blacklighting in Florida too:

It's also fun to search on some of the more recent iNat videos on youtube too:

And check out @donovanmoxley 's great iNat videos too:

So great to see all of these videos. :)

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Hmmm... I posted one 14 days ago and it looks like YouTube snubbed me on that recent search results page! Even with iNaturalist in the title... Good thing I'm not trying to get famous because their algorithm isn't picking up what I'm putting down haha. Glad to see so many kindred spirits and diverse interests/styles, and who knows how many more under the radar!

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Thanks Sam!

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@donovanmoxley -- I just tried to find your youtube vids, but I couldn't... Could you give me the links? :)

Also, does your daughter already have an iNat account?!? ;)

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Sure thing! I thought this one would have come up in that search and here are the rest on the channel.

In concept it's just been a place to workshop my video editing basics on any variety of subjects but, alas, I seem to have locked into iNat edutainment so far. I'll let you decide whether the 'tainment part is transferable - might be dialed more to my own amusement. The baby turned 6 months old yesterday (!) and no account yet, but once she's ready to face forward in the stroller she'll be responsible for scouting the road ahead for observations.

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Wow!!! Those are GREAT, Donovan!!! Awesome stuff!

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@sambiology You're too kind, I appreciate it!

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