Adding old pictures on iNat -- fun to relive adventures!

iNaturalist is a great outlet for observations from the past. I have been enjoying several observations from some great naturalists.

When I just started to become obsessed with iNat, it was winter, and most of the plants were dormant outside... So, I spent some time inside going through my old plant collections and uploading the images. As I did this, I had such fun remembering what I saw and when I saw it! Although, I'm a bit bummed that I wasn't taking pictures of all of the other critters that I saw when I was focused on plants.

Memorable stuff:

So, if you have some older photos of animals, fungi, or plants, why not add some data to this global database?!?

And for your enjoyment, here are some fun ones that I spotted of the legendary naturalist and prolific iNatter, Greg Lasley:

And here are some great entries from the man, myth, and legend, Chuck Sexton:

Thanks to everyone that has spent many hours uploading and sharing your observations from the past -- I, for one, thoroughly enjoy living vicariously through your observations! :)

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As I progress (ever so slowly) with my recovery from knee replacement surgery, I hope to post some of my observations from the past. I've been thinking about this during this 7 1/2 weeks since surgery and already have in mind some that were so unique when I found them (sometimes accompanied by you) and may not have shown up again this spring and summer because of the floods that we had at Oliver Nature Park. Soon and very soon, I hope I'll be able to tolerate sitting at my computer again. In the meantime, thanks so much for all of the observations that you have posted. I have especially enjoyed seeing the ones from Mansfield. I've felt as if I were exploring Mansfield with you!

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Thanks for sharing links to these, Sam! I favorited some of them. I agree that I am super bummed that some of the places I've been pre-iNat I have little to show for it in the way of observations. The worst for me is that I spent several weeks in Siberia at Lake Baikal and then took the train across most of Russia back to Moscow, and all I have to show for it on iNat are these two random observations. I suppose I also have a captive Nerpa photo I could add, but that seems like cheating. One day I'll finish everything from Tanzania and New Zealand, then hopefully Kenya and Galapagos (if I pull out the scanner), but Russia is by far my greatest iNat regret. My observation map would be so awesome if I'd been photographing from the train!

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