northern California backpacking?

I was thinking of going on a 1-2 night backpacking trip with some friends this weekend. We were originally going up the coast, which it turns out is forecast to be cold and rainy all weekend, so were looking at maybe Big Sur or Pinnacles or perhaps even Montana de Oro. Does anybody have any recommendations for other parks to look into, or particular routes that would be nice this time of year?

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Pinnacles was way dry last weekend. Still beautiful, but not blooming, so maybe somewhere more coastal. Have you looked into Henry Coe? Kind of the same habitats you know from the Bay Area, but it's supposed to be quite nice. I'm told there are heavily serpentinized areas in parts of the park that might be cool to explore. Big Sur might be quite nice, but I don't know what conditions are like down there right now. I went on this CNPS trip last year to the Lion's Den Botanical Area and it was pretty sweet in June, when most of the plants were done, so I imagine it's fairly interesting in the spring. The low, coastal, redwoody parts of Big Sur are nice, but the upland areas are really very interesting too. Lots of poison oak, though.

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