(Un)identified Caterpillars on Brassicaceae: Evergestis isatidalis

I have recently seen a lot of caterpillars of the same species that I can't identify and will collect all the observations here.

2023/02/25: I found a nest of caterpillars in a web spun around the flower heads of some Brassicaceae:

2023/02/25: This is the foodplant, where the caterpillars were found.

2023/02/25: another plant, which I believe is the same species, flowering

2023/03/01: Photos during the day of caterpillars inside their nest

2023/03/07: I saw bigger caterpillars on the same plants at night, one was hanging from a silk thread (as a means of hiding from me)

I think I can safely assume that it is Evergestis isatidalis, since I've seen these photos:
The plant has meanwhile been identified as Sinapis alba

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