Brush Rabbit vs Desert Cottontail

These two species (Sylvilagus bachmani vs Sylvilagus audubonii) are very similar.

Here are some good discussions for telling them apart:

Here's a rare & exceptional photo of the two species side-by-side

Helpful notes from @biohexx1:
The way that I tell desert from brush cottontails is:

1.) dark tips on the ears
desert cottontails have dark tips:

2.) ear length to body ratio
desert cottontails have longer ears (though no where near
as long as jackrabbits) than brush:

3.) rust-colored nape of neck and legs (desert) vs. unicolor gray (brush)

4.) 'fluffiness' of tail
muted tail (brush)
fluffy tail (desert)

5.) geography
Having said all of this, it can be hard to tell one from the other sometimes. People use cell phones which doesn't give the best quality of image from far-away. People only get one picture/one angle of the rabbit. Sometimes the rabbit is in a shrub or shadow and hard to see features. Sometimes the rabbit is in a rest-position and you can't see the back of its neck and its ears are lain down.

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Thank you for putting this together Anne, I've been meaning to learn to distinguish them for some time now.

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thanks for compiling this! I learned a lot

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That's actually my compilation!

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Yes, indeed! It's your compilation, @biohexx1, as stated above. Thanks a million.

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