Pollinators of ONP (Anthophila/Syrphidae) ref

For my reference and that of other people looking at bees and syrphids in the Olympics, here are the results of the 2014 survey. I read this prior to even moving up here, but I haven't been referencing it regularly.

Rykken J. 2018. Measuring and monitoring pollinator diversity along elevation gradients in Olympic and North Cascades National Parks. Natural Resource Report. NPS/NOCA/NRR—2018/1634. National Park Service. Fort Collins, Colorado

Species list at Appendix A starting on p 47 of the PDF. NOCA = North Cascades, OLYM = Olympic.

Quick summary (I'm doing this by hand so sorry if there are any errors). Undescribed species might have been described since publication. Many spp had only one individual collected, which suggests there may be spp that were present with 0 individuals collected.

Hymenoptera spp identified in ONP below 1000'

  • * only below 10' elevation (probably beach site)
  • (Rare) fewer than 10 individuals collected


  • * Andrena columbiana (rare)


  • Bombus bifarius
  • Bombus caliginosus (rare)
  • Bombus flavidus
  • Bombus flavifrons
  • Bombus mixtus
  • Bombus sitkensis (uncommon)
  • Bombus vandykei
  • Bombus vosnesenskii (rare)
  • Nomada sp. 2 (rare)
  • Ceratina acantha (rare)
  • Mellisodes (rare)


  • Hylaeus modestus (rare)


  • Halictus confusus
  • Halictus rubicundus
  • Halictus virgatellus
  • Lasioglossum zonulum
  • Lasioglossum zonulum
  • Lasioglossum
  • Dialictus
  • Evylaeus sp. 6 (rare)
  • Sphecodes sp. 4
  • Sphecodes


  • Megachile perihirta (rare)
  • Osmia densa (rare)

Be sure to check out the paper for the full list since many spp, including Apis mellifera of all things, were only collected above 1000'.

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