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May 14, 2022

Does anyone else get annoyed by this?

Does anyone else get annoyed by how many observations are marked as "unknown species"? I will make exceptions for audio only observations, but theres 2.3 million observations with pictures that are left blank. I think it's weird because not only does iNat have an algorithm designed to ID species but these posts are like of a mushroom or something and OP doesnt even mark it as a Fungi they just go "I have no idea what this is!", either that or they're being lazy? Or pictures of everyday animals like deer or pigeons and people are still like "I've never seen this in my life.". Doing the math its only about 1% of all of the observations uploaded but its still kinda weird how many people dont even at least ID their observations as an animal, plant, fungi etc., like it's not that hard.

Maybe this is just me taking things too seriously idk.

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May 15, 2022

RG suggestion

This might be an unpopular opinion but I think observations should need more supporting ID's than 1 to become research grade. I know we all like it when we get a RG but I feel like only needing at least 1 other person to ID a species makes it too easy for misidentified species to become RG. Say an example being someone posts a picture of a Common Tiger Butterfly and ID's it as a Monarch, then someone else sees it and thinks it looks like a Monarch and ID's it as such without knowing? If/when these observations are used for research do these misidentified ID's can somehow be overwritten and corrected by researchers or iNat staff?
If this isn't already a feature I think there should be a ranking system in the iNat algorithm that sorts taxa by how well they're known/how easy they are to ID based off of how many observations they have or if they're just common enough. Taxa with less observations should take more supporting ID's to become RG so this doesn't mess with data of species that may be endangered.

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My Identification stats dont make sense to me

EDIT 5/19/2022 The problem is solved

Is there any way for me to see some kind of list of species sorted by how many of them ive ID'd? When I look at my ID's theres this stats box but it seems kinda pointless for it to only tell me how many ID's ive made for others, like... yeah, the numbers also right there on my profile. Like it implies that species I ID for myself are somehow the same as ones I ID for others instead of that just being what I mark a species as?

What I'm trying to say is I want the ID stats to be a list or grid that shows the different species ive ID'd sorted by how many of them I've ID'd like the species list for my observations. For example, I know I've ID'd several White-lined sphinx moths, but I dont know how many. And yes, I do know that on a specie's profile there is a list of identifiers but considering the fact that the White-lined sphinx has 2.6K identifiers why cant I just skip past spending forever scrolling to try and find my rank when it could just be on my profile? I feel like this should already have been a feature to begin with. If it is, it isn't easy to find.

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