Machine generated observations, identifications and comments

We made iNaturalist for humans. When machines masquerade as humans and make content on iNat, bad things happen because our software and our community simply were not made to accommodate the speed, volume, and other characteristics of machine-generated content.

Thus, our intent is that observations, identifications, and comments are manually generated by individual human choices. To achieve this, we've made posting machine generated content a suspendable offense. It’s ok for humans to use machines as tools for arriving at their choice or to facilitate posting this content, as long as there is human involvement/oversight creating the content/decisions about each individual observation, identification, or comment.

Examples of prohibited behavior (non-exhaustive):

Examples of acceptable behavior (non-exhaustive):

We recognize that it can be difficult to distinguish human from machine generated activity. If you believe your account has been mistakenly suspended please contact

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