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Hey there. I'm a naturalist living on Vashon Island in Puget Sound. I have never had the urge to specialize and am chronically curious about everything. At this point in my studies, I consider myself most knowledgeable about PNW birds, arthropods and plants. When making IDs, I rely on my own first-hand observations and photo records, as well as extensive research using established reference documents and online resources. If you have any questions about a comment or ID I've suggested -- don't hesitate to @ me! And, if you think that I have erred in identifying something, please leave me a comment to let me know. I truly believe that getting something wrong can be a wonderful opportunity to advance one's learning.

Though I try to express my thanks one-on-one, I'd like to make a sort of global statement of appreciation to anyone that has taken the time to help me with an identification or just left an interesting comment. And, to the founders, staff, and curators on iNat -- the work you do is awesome and this platform you have created is cherished by many, myself included. Thank you!

  • For the sake of consistency, I prefer to retain control over the addition of Observation Fields on my posts. But, if something is required for inclusion in a Project, or you have a helpful suggestion for a field I should add, feel free to let me know in a comment on the observation in question.
  • If you'd like to use one of my images, please take a minute to message and let me know the context and manner in which you intend to reproduce it.
  • For the most part, I've made the decision to browse newly uploaded observations by geographic areas or subjects that interest me, rather than by the individual poster. So, if I don't follow you (or if I did at one time and now no longer do), that doesn't mean that I'm not still actively seeing and enjoying the lovely things you've posted!
  • It is my wish that all of the photos I've submitted and any other content that I've posted are to remain on this site in the event of my death.

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