Annie Mendez

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First off I want to thank the iNat community for making this such a joy to use and learn from! Since very early childhood, I've been captivated by the beauty and natural bounty of the Sierra Nevada mountains of California, ESPECIALLY the area that runs through Yosemite National Park! This love for the outdoors among trees and flowers and birdsong-filled mountains led me to work for the US Forest Service in the Mendocino National Forest, as well as an SF Bay Area park ranger. My greatest current interests are wildflowers and native inland birds, but I'm admittedly insatiably curious of just about "everything," and find my mind wide open to an ever-expanding range of areas that pique my interest. I'm so grateful to my former SJSU Professor Jennifer Rycenga (aka "Power-iNatter" Gyrrlfalcon) who got me into Bio-Blitzing at the end 2018 and put the fascinating world of lichens (plus other cool stuff I never knew I'd find so fascinating!) on my observation "radar" :-)... so, here's to a continuing venture in exploring this wonderful planet we're all on together!

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