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I've been birding since 2012 and learning more every year. In the last few years I've made more observations about insects and have become especially interested in pollinators. Since finding and joining iNaturalist, I'll take note of any thing I run across! After all, 'remarkable' means 'Worthy of being remarked or noted upon'. And remark means 'to make note'. So all we have to do is 'make note' of any nature observation for it to be 'remarkable'.

Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes and the Twin Cities sits near the confluence of the Minnesota, Mississippi, and St. Croix Rivers. The area is full of park reserves, wildlife refuges, and scientific and natural areas. In 2023, I hope to continue my goal to explore ones I haven't yet visited and create journal posts that provide information about each of those places as well as nature areas further afield.

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