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I apparently joined iNaturalist in 2011 and promptly forgot all about it. Now I am a retired botanist/ecologist/bryologist/geographer/etc. who has been studying bryophytes since 2000. Someone sweet at the Vermont Center for Ecostudies suggested a good activity to keep me busy might be to add determinations to Vermont Atlas of Life bryophyte records. Boy, is it ever addictive. And I have figured out that people would like to have a little info to help them improve the likelihood that their photos can be identified, so I am throwing in some helpful hints now and then when I feel so motivated.

I am now in exile in New Hampshire having moved here in January 2019 from Franklin County Vermont. Most of the iNaturalist records I have submitted recently are of things I don’t know, like insects. I did not intend to do this but I have used a pseudonym (dorothy2 and dorothy67) and some day I will get this straightened out.

Oh, and I taught bryology at UVM for several years, and worked on the plant collections in the herbarium, getting them digitized. Before that I was in school at Cambridge University, receiving a PhD in geography. And before that I worked for The Nature Conservancy for 11 years as an ecologist, in exile from Vermont in the southeastern US. I was born in the 1950s and raised in the Northeast Kingdom where I developed my love of the outdoors, read Euell Gibbons and brought home and cooked up all sorts of wild things, which my mother didn’t appreciate. Back then there weren’t so many ways to get into trouble.

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