Stephanie Tran

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PhD student in Ecology and Evolution at Cornell University

Previously interned with The Guppy Project in Trinidad & Tobago 🇹🇹 and volunteered at the Amphibian and Reptile Diversity Research Center (ARDRC) at The University of Texas at Arlington

Research interests include eco-evo, plasticity, and behavior. Additionally, I am interested in natural history, biodiversity, and museum work. I use guppies as model organisms, love herps/herping in particular, and have also expanded into insects (moths, especially), birds, fungi... essentially anything and everything as I continue to learn on here. 🐠🐍🦋🐦‍⬛🍄

Please feel free to reach out and message me about anything! I love being involved in outreach, education, DEI opportunities, etc.

Profile picture thanks to @jeferson_ribeiro_amaral :)

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