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Morgan (she/her)

I'm not an academic, researcher, or expert in any field of biology. I'm just a casual naturalist that enjoys seeing whatever wildlife I can find. Most of my observations are from home, where I've been gradually adding more varieties of primarily native plants in the hopes of attracting a diversity of animal wildlife.

I will often put my own observations in a pretty generic category, with the idea to come back later when I have more time and refine the id. I try to not just blindly agree with someone's id of my observation without doing a little research to learn how to identify it myself. I figure if it only takes two ids to become research grade, then those two ids should be independent. So no one should take offense if I don't quickly agree with your id. It doesn't mean I disagree. It just means I haven't looked into it yet, or that I don't feel I have enough information to second the identification.

I'm also pretty conservative in my identifications for others. I like to contribute, but have no formal training in these fields. So, I limit my ids to species that I've seen myself and am pretty familiar with, and related species that I've read up on.

I finally hit 10,000 total observations at the end of 2023! I haven't been doing as much observing as I'd hoped this year. But, when I saw I was just a few shy of 10,000 I thought I could at least hit that landmark by the end of year with the help of some backyard birds.

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