Amanda Kuhlman

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I’m a junior undergrad student at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology studying Biomedical Engineering and minoring in Biology. I have always enjoyed learning about the natural world and grew up hiking and camping with my family. Winter of 2017/2018 was when I first downloaded the Merlin app and really became hooked on birdwatching. Since then, I’ve learned to identify most birds in the Midwestern US visually and by ear.

I discovered iNaturalist around 2 years ago and eventually decided to create an account during the summer of 2022. I then used iNaturalist for Rose-Hulman’s introductory course in evolutionary biology. Since then, I’ve been uploading observations of whatever catches my eye. I’m also working on uploading some of my pre-iNaturalist bird photos.

In addition to my own observations, I provide ID help on Midwestern flora & fauna (especially birds). I’ve also recently started specializing in identifying Ardeidae from around the world. Identifying on iNaturalist allows me to appreciate the beauty of nature when I might not have the time to go for a hike.

If my ID disagrees, I’ll usually try to provide some explanation. If you have any questions about my IDs don’t hesitate to ask for clarification. I’m still learning, so I appreciate corrections.

Here are some of my favorite online sources for Ardeidae ID:

Birds of the World Ardeidae Web Archive (Full Species Accounts Available):

The Herons Handbook:

Heron Conservation Guide:

Identifying Western and Eastern Cattle Egrets:

Identifying the Intermediate Egret species complex, morphometric ratio analysis:

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