Joseph Raymond

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Botany, Ecology and Conservation @ Columbia University. Currently employed as a subcontractor for NYSERDA, worked with members of NASA on a climate study involving urban flora. Independently, my research involves compiling data on invasive species on Long Island, NY, trying to develop new, organic and safer ways to control the density and richness of invasive plant populations to increase biodiversity.

Constantly looking to expand my species knowledge through identification and peer interaction. I love to learn as much as i love to share what i know.

I work with tools promoted by the NYBG and am working toward accumulating data that will be useful to the IUCN standard of biodiversity. The goal of my work is to not only keep biodiversity robust but to contribute to the global initiative by providing a more succinct road map toward the solution of a cleaner, greener, healthier, wealthier world.

I have previously worked on studies that assessed tree health & stewardship practices in low socioeconomic communities vs adjacent wealthy communities.

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