Elaine Cowley

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I am a Texas Master Naturalist and belong to the Guadalupe Chapter. I've had a life long interest in all types of nature activities. The past few years I've become a serious birder. I have several goals in using iNaturalist, the first of which is to document birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, spiders and insects at Palmetto State Park. I am also doing this for the TPWD Adopt-A-Loop project. Our chapter has "adopted" Palmetto State Park as one of our sites. I also enjoy participating in the City Wide Challenges and providing ID's. Another project is for the Texas Nature Trackers (TPWD) by searching out and getting observers to update/add data on Species of Greatest Conservation Need (adding to a TNT Project such as Herps of Texas, Birds of Texas etc) and more specific location information. Most recently I've been added as a Curator for the Birds of Texas TNT project to assist in moving observations to the next steps.


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