January 2024

I have identified 617 species in the prairie. The new adds are birds caught on the game camera near bird feeders including a Ruby-crowned Kinglet Corthylio calendula) and another water snake (Plain-bellied Watersnake Nerodia erythrogaster).

January weather has been interesting. We had a couple of inches of ice and snow in mid January with temps below freezing for 72 hours with a low of 11 degrees. The last week (1/21-1/26) we have had over 7"inches of rain. For the month we are close to 10" of precipitation.

The creek in the back is full and we are catching minnows, small bream and other fish with nets and poles.

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This is a 1 acre planted prairie and also a riparian zone around willow chute that is being managed for wildlife. Mainly pollinators. The first planting was in the fall of 2019.

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