October News

Hello Everyone!

Happy October! It's sure feeling like fall now!

We have ALMOST reached our goal of 10,000 observations by the end of summer 2023! We are at a total of 9,945 observations; only 55 to go! Upload your observations by October 31st 2023 to have them included in my urban plant-pollinator study.

Thank you to those who were able to make it out to our last pollinator walk of the year in September and thank you to everyone who came out to a pollinator walk this summer! I have really enjoyed the community pollinator walks and we hope to continue them next summer!

Each month we draw a prize winner for members of the project that contribute observations during the month. Our September prize winner is @lauraulthar , congratulations!

September 2023 Stats
Observations made: 310
Research grade identifications: 220
New members joined: 7

Enjoy a photo recap of our events and pollinator walks from 2023!

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