Carl Schurz Park Biodiversity Project

The Carl Schurz Park Biodiversity Project already has more than a thousand observations, of over 250 species. The list for the park now includes birds, lichens, ferns and mosses, butterflies and moths, fungi, garden plants, spontaneous plants, and a wide variety of other organisms. Spring will be starting soon, and as the weather warms up, the visible biodiversity within our beautiful park will increase rapidly. We look forward to many more observations of every kind of organism. Thank you for your help.

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Please: two useful points to remember when we are making observations of plants within Carl Schurz Park:

When you photograph a plant that was originally planted, whether it is a native species (such as Common Milkweed or American Sycamore) or a garden plant or tree (such as a daffodil, or a Gingko), please look to see where the app gives you the chance to say whether this organism is captive (for animals)/cultivated (for plants). The answer in this case is “Yes”, so please put that in. It's very important to get this right.

If we forget to do that, later we can look at our observations on the iNaturalist website, and under “Data Quality Assessment” where it says “Organism is wild”, you can mark each of those observations “No”. You can also mark other people’s observations “No” if they have forgotten to state that the plant in their observation was originally planted, not spontaneous like a weed.

When a plant you photograph has flower buds that are starting to open, or if the plant is in flower, or if the plant is in fruit, please indicate that fact on that observation page on the website, under the heading “Annotations”, specifically under “Phenology”. Here you will have a choice of “Budding”, Flowering”, or “Fruiting”. (If the plant is both flowering and fruiting at the time you photograph it, you can choose both of those options).

Many thanks to all for your help with recording this valuable information.

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