Diario del proyecto City Nature Challenge 2020: Dallas/Fort Worth

26 de abril de 2020

Observations: April 24-27! Upload observations before May 3rd!

Hey all,

Just an FYI -- observations made on April 24-27 count for the city nature challenge, and you have until May 3rd to upload for them to count. The sooner you upload, the sooner folks can ID or verify too!

I've been taking quite a few photos, and I've still got a LOT of editing and cropping to do before I upload. After I upload, I'll be spending lots of time ID'ing stuff.

Here's the ID page for DFW observations:

Any little bit helps! :)

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18 de marzo de 2020

COVID 19 and City Nature Challenge -- message from organizers

We know COVID-19 is affecting many of our CNC cities, some much more than others. After much thinking, we have decided to keep the CNC event scheduled for April 24-27 (observations) and April 28-May 3 (identifications). However, we will be making some significant modifications:

This year’s City Nature Challenge is no longer a competition.
We want to embrace the collaborative aspect of the CNC this year and the healing power of nature to allow people to document their local biodiversity in whatever way they can.
It is imperative that you follow the regulations of your governments and the organizations where you work.

We have left it up to local organizers if they need to cancel the CNC in their city this year. We support any changes our organizers need to make and hope those that cannot participate this year will join us again in 2021!

As a participant, it is up to you how much or how little you take part! Do only what feels safe for you & your family and is in accordance with all your local regulations.

For cities continuing to participate in CNC 2020:

  • It is imperative that you follow the guidelines/recommendations of your local governments & institutions (i.e., limit or cancel events if needed)
  • Do what’s best for you & your community

Alternatives to in-person events


  • What can people find in their houses? What can they see through their windows?
  • Focus on identifications! Can your city go through ALL the observations (not just CNC!) that have already been made in your area but aren’t research grade yet?
  • During April 28 - May 3, hold virtual ID parties!

In Backyards:

  • Encourage people to put up moth lights or put down cover boards at their houses to help bring nature to them!
  • What are the wild plants growing in your backyard?
  • What insects or other creatures are using the cultivated plants in your backyard as habitat or a food source?

Outside of your home and backyard (if allowed):

  • Practice social distancing wherever you go.
  • Promote people going outside and making observations on their own/with a small group of their family & friends, instead of joining big events.
  • Think about making observations along sidewalks, pavements, roads, or in residential areas if local parks are too crowded for social distancing. Always be mindful of traffic.

If you’re allowed to hold CNC events:

  • Keep them outside! Luckily this is what the CNC is all about, but if you were planning an indoor portion of an event, forgo it and keep the whole event outside
  • Limit registration
  • Practice social distancing (it's best if people stay 2-3m apart)
  • Don’t have shared, unwrapped food available - encourage people to bring & eat their own food
  • Have places available where people can wash their hands and/or have hand sanitizer
  • Don’t pass around binoculars, phones, guidebooks, etc. - everyone should keep their gear to themselves

Stay safe, hang in there, and we can't wait to see what you find - in your houses, in your backyards, along sidewalks, in parks - and know that people all around the world are joining you in documenting nature in whatever way they can during these unprecedented times.
Our thoughts are with all of you,
Alison Young (@kestrel) - California Academy of Sciences and Lila Higgins (@lhiggins) - Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

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04 de marzo de 2020

Events going on in the DFW metroplex! *all public gatherings cancelled*

Just FYI -- saddens me tremendously to say this, but we're cancelling all public gatherings.

The City Nature Challenge is still going on though -- so if you're able to, please make some observations. :)

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28 de enero de 2020

Mark those calendars! April 24-27 - how will DFW do?

Hey all, be sure to mark your calendars for the City Nature Challenge on April 24 - 27! How many things can you observe during these four days?!?

Here's a fun challenge -- search for the species that have been observed in DFW that you've not yet recorded!

Just replace the "sambiology" with your username. You can filter then by plants, or beetles, or birds, or whatever.

I'll update another journal on this project page with a list of events -- bioblitzes, nature gatherings, etc... Let me know if you know of some.

Looking forward to spring! :)

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