Phase 1 of the CNC is about done (observing), onto Phase 2 (uploading+identifying)

Four days to find them, and in the day and darkness photograph them.
Six days to upload them, and in the evenings ID them.

What a impressive effort so far! Remember that the fun has just started. We've now got the rest of the week, until the end of Sunday, to upload the rest of our photos and identify as many of the uploaded observations as we can. Results then get collated on Monday, and for Ōtautahi we'll have a celebration and prize giving at Tūranga (the central library) on Tuesday evening (7 May).

There will be more posts about all that soon, including the ID sessions happening at the climate action campus through the week. Get ready to watch our species tally climb upwards as the identifications get made.

Anyone can help with IDs. Just saying something is a plant, or a daisy, or a fungus, or a fish, saves the experts the time of trawling through the unidentified observations looking for photos of the species they specialise in. You'll also come across some amazing things that others have uploaded, and identifying others' observations is a terrific way to practice and learn.

To identify the wild things from the Ōtautahi CNC, go here:

To identify the cultivated/captive things, go here:

If you're identifying from the wild link, and see things that are clearly captive/cultivated, it's super helpful to check the captive/cultivated box.

It's also helpful to add annotations like phenology (eg flowering) and life stage.

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