'Ask an Expert' sessions at the Nature Lab Tues-Fri 3-6pm

We have four 'Ask an Expert' sessions planned at The Nature Lab to help you in the next phase of the City Nature Challenge.

The Nature Lab is on Climate Action Campus, 180 Avonside Drive, in S Block. The Lab will be open from 3pm-6pm each day for four days.

Microscopes are set up to support looking at some of the tiny things collected and other tools will be available to help you get a good photo.

Experts on duty are:

Tuesday 30 April – Seamus Moran (UC) and Peter Holder (UC)

Wednesday 1 May – George Cox (UC) and Robb Eastman-Densem (UC)

Thursday 2 May – Julia Palmer (UC) and Sarah Mankelow (CCC)

Friday 3 May – Rob Cruickshank (UC) and Morgane Merien (Canterbury Museum)

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