On our way to our biggest CNC ever!

Woot! We just past the city's previous record number of observations, from the big 2019 CNC, and there's still three days of identifying and uploading to go.


We've got to identify or upload 148 more species to top our species tally from 2019, and then 2024 will without doubt be Ōtautahi's biggest City Nature Challenge event ever. Well to everyone involved!

If you want more motivation to spend those extra hours identifying, or uploading your remaining photos, then here's Wellington, hot on our heels on #observations and still slightly ahead on #species:


Also, here's the Eurasia-Africa-Oceania part of the global competition, where Ōtautahi is currently #9 in observations, just behind Prague, and #14 in species, with a bunch of cities ahead of us with about the same species tally.


So, keep on adding to our knowledge of the biodiversity of Christchurch and let's see how high we can take this.


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In my sleep-deprived state, I initially titled this post "On our way to our biggest CNC even bigger!".

Yes, even bigger than the biggest!

That's big.

Publicado por jon_sullivan hace alrededor de 1 mes

big bigger biggest yay!

Publicado por smankelow hace alrededor de 1 mes

It's not surprising that Wellington would observe more species - the extent of their (so called) city covers the whole of Wellington Region, including the Tararua Ranges!!

The Chch polygon seems small by comparison - could you tell me what the areas of the polygons are for the NZ cities in the CNC?

Publicado por melissa_hutchison hace alrededor de 1 mes

Good point. We’ve been creeping our boundary outwards each challenge too, to include the satellite towns. There’s a sensible request for us to include Leeston and Rakaia next CNC.

It would be interesting to calculate the areas of the Christchurch and Wellington CNCs this year, although that would tell only part of the story. Wellington also has a lot more native vegetation left to explore than we do, regardless of area.

Publicado por jon_sullivan hace alrededor de 1 mes

Our master plan is to slowly extend the Wellington City boundary to eventually include Christchurh too ...

Publicado por tony_wills hace alrededor de 1 mes

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