Challenges for next week -- with rain, maybe these will be even more challenging!

OK, here are the challenging challenges for our third annual socially distant bioblitz! How many do you think you can get?

Sunday: observe an insect with maxillary palps (if you can show these in your photo, extra points!

Monday: observe a plant with at least three different common names

Tuesday: observe some animal scat -- can you identify anything the animal ate?

Wednesday: observe a thief in nature -- use your imagination! What organisms are able to steal?!?

Thursday: observe a plant with different colors or textures on the different sides of its leaves

Friday: observe an animal that digs (no pets, please!)

Saturday: observe an organism and translate its scientific name

If you get any of these, be sure to tag me (@sambiology) on the observation. Always love seeing folks that challenge themselves to find these! :)

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Hahah! @catenatus Is he wild or cultivated?!?

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